Friday, January 4, 2008

Postive Alliances

I have quickly realised that not only are there other supernatural types, but all the different groups have skills and abilities that surpass the others. It's like watching Xmen, only in groups! I'm still working out the advantages of vampirism, but it's more than likely I'm biased due to negatives overwhelming me right now. I will say, it's improving a lot though - I just can't get past the grotesque "feeding". The specific "other" group we encountered were called Werewolves. It was rumoured that they were trying to claim the B.L.U.E.S. territory, which was ours. (I'm really not liking how we've degenerated into staking territory like feral cats, but I'm learning it's part of the programme.) We decided to meet them at the B.L.U.E.S. and try to peaceably agree to "share" the area, ie, don't rip our throats out if we walk into the bar.

My impression of Werewolves were that they were zealot killers and raged around destroying life. After all, one had killed GT before he was embraced, and the vampiric society seemed to think that running from them was the only survival option. Despite the tenseness of our meeting, I think we were all pleasantly surprised with how agreeable we actually were, including the Werewolves. Hank and I headed up the talking, since our ability to negotiate and "impress" had vastly increased with our new abilities, and I played to light up the place and put everybody in a good mood. I managed to let myself go again, and felt the ghost's presence I had felt earlier when the unseen power had released into the bar. One of the drunks who could not normally sing, sang like a pro. It was almost like it wasn't even him, but his body was being used. We later learned that these were spirits, and the bar was a door between the spirit world and our world. This area of expertise seemed to fall strongly in the Werewolf knowledge, so I trusted them in the fact that they were gravely concerned that they could simply whoosh in and out of the two worlds. They explained that while the music spirit was nice and all, not all spirits are that friendly.

This brought up an interesting point...the University problems. They were greatly interested and shocked that it had not hit their radar, so we all went over to give them the grand tour of all the weird activities (Liz decided to stay at the bar...she had understandably resolved to never step foot on the campus again). To make a very long story short, the Werewolves have a very good idea of how utterly powerful this spirit is, and are resolved to research it more in hopes that we can rid it. I was thrilled. We had expected to kill one another; rather, we formed a loose alliance, listened to each other, and are now able to help one another. I hope that our group remains open-minded like this. I have noticed in other Kindred that close-mindedness tends to occur, and I have to wonder if they would have formed this positive relationship? Regardless, I very much hope that our attitudes towards the unknown remain peaceful and hopeful.

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