Friday, December 7, 2007

Details of the Dancers

As with any new social circle, it is important to determine the sources of power either through influence, money, or both. Darius was kind enough to introduce me to the heads of covenants after the introductions to the Prince was complete. I have to say that I am upset now. I had a very big shock with the realization that confession to a mortal (Father Pete) will be next to impossible. I had not thought it through really, and unfortunately I have been so caught up with the new world I'm in that I haven't been to confession since the transition. The way I was informed was difficult to take...Solomon Birch, the head of the Lancea Sanctum is apparantly a sanctimonious bastard who takes pleasure in suggesting that only the members of his little cult can be absolved. Worse, while Darius basically confirmed to not worry about ever confessing to Birch, he suggested that I should probably shift my confessions to a Lancea priest or a "Confessor" within our own Order. I can't expect him to understand, but my experiences with Father Pete took the dull, ritualistic religion and made it into something vibrant. I don't think these dead guys walking around will do that for me. I need a live person to tell me that God still loves, more than ever. I hear Darius' warning about telling the absolute truth to a mortal and take it very seriously; however, my soul is now in even more precarious condition now. I can't confess to somebody I don't believe in...and I definitely don't believe these creatures, despite the fact I am one, can have the right to absolve or ability to comfort me. It is something that I must consider long and hard - after all, Father Pete is already special in the area of the supernatural.

The other heads of convenants were much kinder than the leering Birch. I really liked the head of Carthians, Walt Barowski. He seemed much more in touch with reality and the current world, not the ancient times of Merlin and King Arthur. I liked him enough to realise I could go Carthian except for my overwhelming interest in the secrets of the Dragons that will help me remove this Vampiric nature, or, at least tone the "needs" down to something more controllable.

Lastly, and I save Rowen for last, is...Rowen. A seemingly sweet older lady of whom I naively thought was encouraging, I have discovered that she has two sides. I'm sure we all have multiple faces, but her face turns on a dime. She was very kind, saying the following:

"You are the one who woke the spirit of music. Ethan will work to protect it. Help him. It will do you much good. Personally, and for your Order."

Is that not more than slightly mystical? It didn't exactly clarify anything, but is rather obviously a statement to clarify. So, like a normal individual who has a grain of curiosity, I asked her the following questions:

"One night I was giving a public performance and I literally felt a spirit around me, guiding my fingers. It was like a ghost, but more than that...after that, playing in that location has given me clarity of playing that I've never you know what that was or what happened?"

Her reaction? She walked off on me. I was shocked, then infuriated. I may be new to this circle, but does that call for this level of treatment? Naturally, I followed her, thinking perhaps she didn't hear me, and she was approaching Liz and Juno anyway, so I felt comfortable talking in front of them. Her reaction?

She whirled around and stared at me, cutting me off in mid sentence. "I have spoken my peace to you, Dragon" she said loudly. "I have limited time and much to do, and will speak no more of this now." Her face turned to Darius and said, "See to your childe, Mecham. Unless you'd prefer I offer up the discipline?"


Darius told me to just be patient and wait for a better time. Apparantly that "better" time is an elusive slot in her very busy schedule that is not accessible. That makes it rather difficult to "wait for a better time". Unusual of her or not (according to Darius, very unusual of her to act in such a manner), there's no reason to treat people like that.

Now I'm curious what offering up the discipline is. I was tempted to ask her.

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