Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Darius Meecham took my heart the second I saw him. Initially I saw him as an amazing artist and talent, as I heard him during practice at the symphony, but it quickly turned into something deeper. All these years of staying busy has made romance difficult at best, and at this point life seems to have become a rut. Darius, however, changed all of that in a matter a weeks...even days. I am ashamed to say that I was distracted away from some of the urgent issues that my friends needed to address either out of self-preservation or the safety of others. At that point, and still, it was discovered that there was a huge problem with the campus where most of us work. To make a very long and intricate storey short, a group of people much like us got in too deep with some supernatural phenomena, and literally were trapped onto the campus. Leaving always involved an accident or something mysterious to prevent that person from leaving. They had decided to read from a book (almost like a spell) only it brought to life something seemingly evil and sentient. Anyway, this problem that we were investigating suddenly took backseat. I don't think I blame Darius for his involvement of our curse; quite honestly, if I have to be cursed, I would want to go out with him. I do very much blame our curiosity and assumption of invincibility of our little Ghostbusters group. I can't blame any one person as I was as crazy about saving the world as anybody else; however, it is this that brought the attention of the wrong group of ...the damned... to us. Personally, I think that Darius could have just suggested moving to New York instead damning me as well, but as I said, if fate took me to this place, he's a good start.

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